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Friends of Cedar Bay


There are numerous birds that can be seen and heard throughout the Cedar Bay area.

In 2007, Darlene Salter of Grey Owl Natural Heritage Consulting, completed “Birding the Northwest Trail Project.”  This is an excerpt from her report that pertains to Cedar Bay (click on the bird name to link to the Audubon Society’s page which includes pictures and sounds):

Birds to look for at Cedar Bay:

Migratory birds: geese, ducks, hawks, shore birds, gulls, warblers, sparrows, blackbirds.

Wetland birdsPie-billed GrebeAmerican BitternGreat Blue HeronTurkey VultureCanada GooseWood DuckAmerican WigeonAmerican Black DuckMallardBlue-winged TealGreen-winged TealRing-necked DuckNorthern HarrierRed-tailed HawkAmerican KestrelWilson’s SnipeAmerican WoodcockShort-eared OwlOlive-sided FlycatcherYellow-bellied FlycatcherAlder FlycatcherEastern KingbirdTree SwallowBarn SwallowYellow WarblerNorthern WaterthrushCommon YellowthroatWilson’s WarblerSavannah SparrowSwamp SparrowRed-winged BlackbirdRusty BlackbirdCommon Grackle.

Lake birds: Common LoonDouble Crested CormorantCommon GoldeneyeHooded MerganserCommon MerganserOspreyBald EagleGreater YellowlegsLesser YellowlegsSolitary SandpiperSpotted SandpiperRing-billed GullHerring GullCommon TernBelted KingfisherEastern PhoebeBank SwallowCliff SwallowSong Sparrow.

Boreal forest birds: Sharp-shinned HawkCooper’s HawkNorthern GoshawkBroad-winged HawkMerlinRuffed GrouseSpruce GrouseGreat Horned OwlBarred OwlGreat Gray OwlBoreal OwlNorthern Saw-whet OwlCommon NighthawkRuby-throated HummingbirdYellow-bellied SapsuckerDowny WoodpeckerHairy WoodpeckerAmerican Three-toed WoodpeckerBlack-backed WoodpeckerNorthern FlickerPileated WoodpeckerLeast FlycatcherBlue-headed VireoPhiladelphia VireoRed-eyed VireoGray JayBlue JayCommon RavenBlack-capped ChickadeeBoreal ChickadeeRed-breasted NuthatchWhite-breasted NuthatchBrown CreeperWinter WrenGolden-crowned KingletRuby-crowned KingletVeerySwainson’s ThrushHermit ThrushAmerican RobinCedar WaxwingTennessee WarblerNashville WarblerNorthern ParulaChestnut-sided WarblerMagnolia WarblerCape May WarblerYellow-rumped WarblerBlack-throated Green WarblerBlackburnian WarblerBay-breasted WarblerBlack-and-white WarblerAmerican RedstartOvenbirdMourning WarblerCanada WarblerConnecticut WarblerScarlet TanagerChipping SparrowWhite-throated SparrowDark-eyed JuncoRose-breasted GrosbeakPurple FinchAmerican GoldfinchEvening Grosbeak.

Don’t forget to join the annual ‘Owl Prowl‘ led by local birder Monika Orzechowska each spring during owl mating!