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Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

The Nordic Nomads cross country ski club is a volunteer organization that maintains over 25 km of  cross country ski trails at Cedar Bay and surrounding area.  The trails can be accessed from the Cedar Bay parking area or the Sioux Lookout Golf Club.  There are challenging and relaxing trails as well as a 5 km racing loop.  The trails meander through stands of pine and through marshland.  They circle Duck Lake, look out over Pelican Lake and run throughout the Cedar Bay area.  The cross-country skiing is first rate for both the most experienced and novice skier.  There is no better way to experience the scenic area and the exhilaration of Sioux Lookout’s winter season than skiing on the Nomad’s trail system, sheltered from the wind by the tall pines.  The club operates from trail memberships which help cover the cost of trail grooming.

Photo by John Bailey
Grooming the trails – Photo by John Bailey

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Trail memberships (Day, Individual or Family passes) are available at Al’s Sports on Front Street in Sioux Lookout.

The Nordic Nomads also promote the sport of cross country skiing through the youth Jackrabbits learn to ski program, which is administered through Cross Country Canada (CCC).

For information contact: Ron Laverty @ 737-3167