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Geocache Trail

Geocache Trail

Cedar Bay Geocache Trail

Pick up your official Cedar Bay Geocache Trail  Passport at the Travel Information Centre or at the Cedar Bay Trail Head Kiosk.  You can also download a copy – click on the Geocache Passport menu under Activities / Geocache Trail. Collect all 13 passport stamps and you are eligible to receive a special limited edition Geocache Coin.  Visit the Travel Information Centre to redeem your passport.

Visit all 13 Cedar Bay geocaches to earn your limited edition coin
Visit all 13 Cedar Bay geocaches to earn your limited edition coin

Souvenir coins are limited to one per individual or three per family.  If you are geocaching in a small group, the group may use the same passport.  Extra coins are available for purchase for $5 each. Friends of Cedar Bay have a GPS unit available for rental ($10/day).  Email us at fcb.geocache@gmail.com to arrange for pick-up and instructions if required. Have Fun!


1. Cedar Bay: Interpretive Trail (GC2NG0X)    N50 06.298 W91 56.163

Sponsored by Wasaya Airways

2. Cedar Bay: Owls (GC2NG0Y)    N50 06.380 W91 56.263

Sponsored by Law Office of Kevin Romyn

3. Cedar Bay: Summer Day Camp (GC2NG10)    N50 06.449 W91 56.369

Sponsored by Fresh Market Foods (previously Johnny’s Food Mart)

4. Cedar Bay: Tom Belmore Lodge (GC2NG11)    N50 06.576 W91 56.445 (temporary location)

** Note ** – This geocache was temporarily relocated on Nov 7, 2016 due to construction of the new access road. We will permanently relocate this geocache once the construction is completed.

Sponsored by Sioux Lookout Community Development

5. Cedar Bay: Equestrian (GC2NG12)    N50 06.796 W91 56.522

Sponsored by Roy Lane

6. Cedar Bay: White Birch (GC2NG13)    N50 06.837 W 91 57.260 (these coordinates are correct, the coordinates in the printed passport and on the tourist rack card are erroneous).

Sponsored by Madsen Motors

7. Cedar Bay: Timber Wolf (GC2NG14)    N50 07.080 W91 57.336

Sponsored by JoLayne Advent Chiropracty

8. Cedar Bay: Nordic Nomads (GC2NG15)    N50 07.198 W91 56.691

Sponsored by Green Forest Management

9. Cedar Bay: Katimavik (GC2NG16)    N50 07.017 W91 56.020

Sponsored by Morgan Fuels

10. Cedar Bay: White Cedar (GC2NG1A)    N50 06.797 W 91 56.017

Sponsored by RBC Financial

11. Cedar Bay: Black Bear (GC2NG19)    N50 06.717 W 91 56.124

Sponsored by Bearskin Airlines

12. Cedar Bay: Frogs (GC2NG17)    N50 06.680 W91 56.387

Sponsored by Sioux Lookout Economic Development

13. Cedar Bay: Beaver (Bonus)    N5x xx.xxx W9x xx.xxx

Sponsored by Nav Canada

The Cedar Bay Geocache Trail geocaches are also published on www.geocaching.com – look for us under our user name Friends of Cedar Bay. Please practice “Cache In, Trash Out (CITO)” and keep our community beautiful.

Cache In, Trash Out www.geocaching.com