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The Lockhart Report (2006)

The Lockhart Report (2006)

The Lockhart Report was an unsolicited document authored by past municipal recreation director, Friends of Cedar Bay board member and local resident Howard Lockhart and received by the municipality in the fall of 2006.  The report was created as a result of the municipality’s investigation into future uses for the Cedar Bay Recreation Complex in light of its state of disrepair and reduced use in 2005.  Howard Lockhart references a number of council meetings from the spring of 2006 and council’s receipt of the Economic Development Officer’s report on Cedar Bay as motivating factors for this initiative.  Of particular concern to Mr. Lockhart and many others in the community at that time was the proposed rezoning of the properties for potential sale and/or redevelopment for uses other than their originally intended purpose of community outdoor recreation, education and wellness.

Excerpts from Chapter One, History of the Development of Cedar Bay can be found on the History page.

Download The Lockhart Report (220 MB)

A physical copy can be viewed at the Sioux Lookout Public Library.