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Christmas Arts & Craft Fair
Christmas Arts & Craft Fair

Christmas Arts & Craft Fair

Over 30 creative artisans and crafters will be at the Christmas Arts and Craft Fair at the Rec Centre on December 3. 10 am – 11 am is reserved for Seniors and vulnerable persons; 11 am – 4 pm is open for everyone. A $2 donation per person is suggested.

Here are the vendors:


# Vendor Name/Company Art or Craft

1 Dolly Delights (Angelica Vaughan) Doll Clothes
2 Christa Schulz Knitted clothes, socks, mitts
3 Northern Forest Design (Lisa Seamark) Nature jewelry, painting on wood, fabrics, and watercolours
4 Candy Art (Candace LaFrance) Art on Glassware
5 Candy Art (Candace LaFrance) Art on glassware
6 Mary Jane Kavanaugh Indigenous Jewellry
7 Hub Coffee Roasted Coffee
8 Meredith Mitts (Edith Berkholder) Mitts from recycled wool
9 Chelsea Greig Indigenous Artwork
10 AJ Customs Various Christmas Decorations, wreaths, ornaments
11 Pat Uren Work/dress socks, hats, mitts with mohair, cozy slippers and unique sewn bags, knit decorations and gnomes. Reclaimed, repurposed knit sweaters, vintage and traditional cleaned and repaired if required. Keeping these beautiful sweaters out of the landfill.
12 Denise Williams as with Pat Uren
13 Mama Made Designs (Jessica Crawford) Vinyl Glassware, home décor, variety of items
14 Paddy and Jolene Keesic Moccassin, gloves etc
15 Gail Molly Sewing,knitting, crochet, runners, aprons etc
16 Bonnie Sobchuk Quilts
17 Willene Moffat Stained glass decorative items
18 Little Roos Designs (Riley and Lianne Atwood) Toddler and baby accessories
19 Pelican Creek Designs (Leslie Ann Kemp) Hand painted signs on reclaimed wood Repurposed vintage items, wool stockings, magnet boards, pillows , paddles
20 Bombers Baking fund raiser
21 Amy Wall and Janet Brailsford Reclaimed furniture, Christmas decorations
22 JDM Custom Woodworking (Jorge Matos) Woodwork
23 Sharon’s Baked Goods ( Sharon Matos) Baking
24 JDM and Sharon “ “
25 Northwoods Photography (Mike Lawrence) Nature calendars
26 Robyn Chisel First Nations beaded jewelry and crafts
27 Rebbecca &Friends: Moccs, Mitts, Mucks & More (Rebecca Baas) First Nations Moccasins, Muckluks, Mittens
28 House of Makwa (Hannah Doxtater-Wynne) Indigenous art, fashions and jewellry
29 Stephanie Kitchkeesick Upcycled denim quilts, knitted socks, crocheted dish cloths
30 Bush Baby Beads (Migwin Orzechowska) Handmade beaded gemstone bracelets, and handmade beaded fringe earrings and flat-stitch beadwork.

31 Figure Skating Club Baking fund raiser
32 Kayla Justin Stevens Photography
33 Laura Kurtnyk and Lance Hildebrand Sewing, Christmas garland, woodworking