Interpretive Trail – The Flora of Cedar Bay

The Cedar Bay Interpretive Trail  – The Flora of Cedar Bay, was completed in 2009.  A diversity of plant species live along this one kilometre trail that winds down to Cedar Bay through a variety of boreal ecosystems including black ash swamp, coniferous forest carpeted with sphagnum moss and sandy jack pine stands.  Ten marked posts along the trail identify the locations of corresponding herbs, shrubs and trees.  There are also two signs, ‘Water’ (at the end of the interpretive trail) and ‘Land’ (near the Cozy Cabin) that showcase the Cedar Bay area.

Click on each POST to view further information.

Friends of Cedar Bay partnered with New Vision Unlimited (New VU) to apply for the funding for this project.  This self-guided interpretive trail and brochure were made possible by a grant received from Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC).  In 2008, interested grade 7 & 8 students from Sioux Mountain Public School and the Queen Elizabeth District High School grade 12 Resource Management class developed the content and sign posts.

Here is a link to a presentation about the Interpretive Trail Project.

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